Saturday, 28 April 2012


This is my first time blogging, I have been encouraged to so by lovely people that  think I should share my creative progress.  Primarily I want to share the processes and involvement of my creative work here in my studio located on the East coast, a mile from the sea near the eclectic, creative town of Scarborough. So I thought I would start in sharing with you glimpses of my studio and the work I produce.

Feather collection ... bought, given and foraged from road kill. Its lovely when people leave them stuck my gate post for me.

Work in progress ... as you can see I use turquoise somewhere in every piece i do. Can't help it, Its a compulsion.

New painting started yesterday, I have about six canvases on the go at once. I am inspired by texture, colour combinations and patterns in my garden and surrounding countryside.

Little Hare Balancing Bird :This piece has just been delivered to Gallery 49 in Bridlington for their Menagerie show starting next weekend for more info click on .
It is a small sculpture hand built in earthenware, mounted onto driftwood.  

If you would like to see more of my work I am continuing to regularly up date my website


  1. welcome to the blogging world, i'm not an avid blogger and have always had trouble expressing through words, so only blog when i have the urge. I do enjoy sharing the things that i enjoy with others and also seeing what other are up to. Don't make it a chore just blog when you feel like it x

    1. oooo a comment ... how exciting! Thank you Bridget for taking a look. Don't really understand how you found me. Just getting to grips with this . Think its like making a snow ball.

  2. Hi Shirley, I saw your work on the Art Market website, and found your blog! I too am a mixed media artist who lives near the sea in NZ! I also have a large collection of driftwood, but find I get so precious over some pieces (esp if they have paint already on them) I find it hard to use them!! And I love turquoise too!

  3. Nice to meet you Sally . Thank you for looking at my blog. Just about to update happenings in my creative life over the last few weeks.